June 18, 2011

Oh God! Oh God! Yep, I had a MAC-gasm!!!!!!!!!!!!

During my last adventure to Philly I decided to visit the MAC store! The mecca for any makeup obsessed girl! I felt a little tinge of guilt, as I usually use Urban Decay, but I had to do it! I had heard so many great things about MAC and "curiosity killed the cat"!!!! AND the cats bank account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we get there (we as in my BFF and myself) and I'm speechless!!! There was so much to pick from in such a small space!!!!!! And then the MAC-gasm started!!!!!!! That store mind f*@$%^ me like no other! In the midst of my orgasmic experience, I discovered with the help of the MAC chick, the most amazing thing! Now a daily staple of mine, MAC Girl About Town Lipstick!!!!!!!!!! It's this amazing bright hooker pink that most women wouldn't even dare try!!!! But me being the limit tester I am, tried it and love, LOVE, LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm addicted and MAC's got me hooked! Who needs a man when you can have overpriced, amazing makeup?! :) HOT pink MAC kisses XOXO Chanel

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