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Hey! :) Thanx for checkin' me out! Not in the perv sense but my blog haha! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Chanel. My name is 100% appropriate as far as I'm concerned. I'm a makeup junkie, what I mean by that is I live for it! I adore it! I love to look at it! Use it! Talk about it! OR even think about it! It's a very SERIOUS passion of mine! I'm also a beauty product junkie altogether. Including but not limited to, being a total perfume whore, hair product hoarder, lotion collector, and skin care enthusiast! My inspiration for this blog is my love and complete obsession with anything girlie!  I'm also in the process of becoming a MUA and building my kit!
So I hope you enjoy reading my little tidbits about Makeup and life in general! 

IN my life outside of makeup I'm a single 24 year old that is the mommy of a prissy man diva of a dog named KING!
Look at my baby! He's so freakin cute! ^ KING pictured above! 

I'm also a big sis to the most amazing 7 year old I've EVER seen! Yeah, I know I'm biased! But I always tell him if my kids are as half as cool as you are I'll be the luckiest parent alive! (Of course once  I decide to settle down and start spitting them out!)
I LOVE that kid!!! ^^^
That's all for now! :)

Follow my blog or just stop by occasionally whichever you choose!
Love and lip gloss!
XOXO Chanel

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