December 05, 2011

Hello "Kit"-ty :)

I've been working on building my kit, or perhaps just buying things and saying they're for my kit as an excuse! ;)
So for Black Friday BH Cosmetics was having a 50% off sale, so I managed to grab 2 things I did actually need for my kit. 

I grabbed a 10 color professional blush palette.To be honest I deleted my reciept so I don't know how much I paid but regularly it's $16.95 so for 10 blushes it's still a steal! It's very pigmnted and the colors are a beautiful range of colors! 

Row 1

 Row 2

The blush palette was an amazing addition to my kit. I also snagged a 66 color lip gloss palette. I won't swatch all 66 colors but I did swatch an array of colors from the palette so that you can get an idea of the quality! The regular price is $18.95 but it's currently out of stock! 

Glossy Kit Kisses! XOXO

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