September 09, 2011

Is that Chinchilla?!

Not my jacket but my lips are!

So my Lime Crime lipstick finally came! 

It came in this cool little purple box!

I LOVE the quote from the Lime Crime founder Doe Deere! It says "Beauty is not what's natural or even what looks best... It's what feels right at the moment!"

The lipstick comes in its own little purple box with a sparkly unicorn! And the tube itself is the same purple color with a sparkly unicorn as well.

The color itself is a greyish lavender shade that on me appears to be more lavender than grey. I was a little disappointed that the purple took over more than the grey but it's still a beautiful color. 

I hope that at some point Lime Crime comes out with a truly grey shade. They have some other amazing shades that I plan on trying soon!

Greyish lavender kisses!


  1. Yes definitely! They have amazing colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!