September 28, 2011

Clearance Makes My Wallet Smile! :)

On a recent trip to Target, yes I'm a target person hahaha! I'm not the biggest fan of Wal-mart! Back to my Target trip, I found some ELF products on clearance for 50% off! Yep, 50% off! Now ELF is already VERY wallet friendly, so imagine my surprise at wallet friendly cut in half!! So I picked up 2 things for $2.50 each! I was very, very pleased with both of my purchases for the price!

 I'll start with the ELF  Beauty Eye Manual Smoky Edition.This book, because it's styled to look like a notebook, has 12 shadows, a black eye liner pencil and a small double ended sponge applicator. It also has a notes section where you can record looks that you make!

Some of  the colors were duds, but about half of them were pigmented and applied easily!

This first row was the worst! The second shade was dry and awful to try to get any pigmentation for swatching! But the light grey on the end almost makes up for it, it's very pigmented!

The second row has great pigmentation and is easy to work with!

The third row was better than the first but still a little dry and patchy! But the black makes up for it, as it is a VERY pigmented, smooth, matte black!

The next is a small surprise but I'm very pleased with it! This is the Little Black Beautybook Volume 1! This little one has 48 shadows! 48 shadows for $2.50?!?!?!?!?! SCORE!!!!! This palette is mostly neutral but that's okay with me! It has a lot of nice light shades for highlighting or days when I don't feel edgy! 

The next 2 pictures are purely for size reference!

I did some random swatches because 48 shadows is a lot to swatch!

As you can see they're pigmented and shimmery, two things that make me smile! :)

Happy Wallet Kisses

Tryna' Make Me Go To Rehab, I Say No, No, No!

It's safe to say that I'm officially addicted to Pretty Addictions' products! I've been using the products just about every day and keep plotting on ordering more! I've spent more imaginary money on her site than I've spent in a while! (Imaginary money: When you look at websites and say I'm gonna buy that knowing you're broke! hahaha ) 

I present my most recent purchases! :)

Sidenote: The clamshell at the bottom did not come like that the little guy below that must've been mad at mommy decided to chew on Coral Reefer! :( Didn't make a very happy mommy!

Back to our scheduled program!

So I bought 2 5gram jars:
Uplifting (featured in the previous Pretty Addictions entry)

Clamshell Samples:
Coral Reefer
Brown Suga
Candy Corn
Hellow Yellow
Vintage Doll

Pretty Addictions started a new deal where if you order $15 worth that you get a 5gram jar for free.
That week it was Norma Jean.
I also have a 5gram jar of Silver Screen.
And because Kas is amazing I have a sample of her new red blush Moulin Rouge!!

Swatches!!!!!!! All of the eyeshadow swatches are over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk!

Moulin Rouge Blush

Norma Jean and True

Silver Screen (one of my favs) and Hellow Yellow

Irrational, Sober, and Vintage Doll

Seduction, Vivid, and Brown Suga
(Vivid is much more vivid in person)

Candy Corn (I love this color!), Hero, and Serendipity

Bubbly and Coral Reefer

These shadows are amazing and pigmented! They last all day over primer, even when I'm at work. I'm a waitress so I'm constantly moving! I get tons of compliments on my eyes when I wear my Pretty Addictions shadows! Kas the owner and creator of Pretty Addictions has amazing customer service and is speedy to take care of any issues! I will continue to order from her!

Addicted Kisses!

September 13, 2011

Yay! An award! :)

So thanks to the gorgeous Tania over at Legally Brunette, I have my first award! Thanks doll!!!! 

This award is for amazingly awesome not known blogs that have less than 200 followers! I adore and follow these 5 amazing ladies!! Follow them check them out!!!!

And girls remember to:

  • Post this on your wall
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Thanks again Tania!!!!


Curiousity didn't kill the cat eye!

So I have a split shift at work today and I wanted something quick and full of impact without getting anybody's panties in a bunch. (We have a policy against excessive makeup, HUGE bummer!) 

I decided to do a quick cat eye with one of the bright blues from my BH cosmetics 88 cool matte eyeshadow palette. This look did match my uni for today, however when I got home I changed. 
Sidenote: Yes I did forget to put on mascara, beauty foul!!! I know!

Have an awesome day!


September 09, 2011

Just a Quick Look Featuring Pretty Addictions

After I opened my package and wrote the last entry I just had to do a look with my Pretty Addictions stuff! (My previous entry Addicted to Pretty ) 

What I Used:

Urban Decay  Eye Shadow Primer Potion in Original
Torrid by Pretty Addictions
Nemesis by Pretty Addictions
Foggy Hollow by Pretty Addictions
Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation in Bronze 1
The Big "O" by Pretty Addictions

Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment

The Pretty Addictions eye shadows applied smoothly and are extremely pigmented! The blush is beautiful and natural looking!!!!! I love these products and I'm very, very pleased!!!!


Addicted to Pretty

Last week I ordered 4 eye shadows and 2 blushes from Pretty Addictions! My package just came, literally an hour ago and I'm already blogging about it. A little bit about Pretty Addictions, it was founded and created by the very pretty Kassandra because she fell in love with makeup and didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for amazing colors. (This was paraphrased from the about us section from the site.) I must say I love the style of the Pretty Addictions site and the colors are amazing!!!!! Also, the prices are amazing, everything I bought was either $3.15 or $3.50!!!!! The varience of color is also quite impressive! So from the pretty, pink and leopard print world of Miss Kassandra; I'd like to present what I ordered and the swatches!

The awesome packaging! She does well with sticking with her color scheme!

It also came with a persdonalized note from Kassandra herself which is an awesome touch! It also came with a free sample! 

The packaging is super cute! And it comes with a card that shows you how to keep in touch! It also comes with a coupon code for 10% off your next order.

I ordered 4 eye shadows, Hell on Heels, Foggy Hollow, Nemesis, and Torrid. And 2 blushes, Wild Thang and The Big "O". And the free sample is called Uplifting.

Next the swatches :D

 Hell on Heels: I totally adore this color it's a red duochrome color with a light purple sheen. It has an amazing color pay off with a small amount of product. I haven't tested the wear on these products yet but I will very soon! Because I can't freakin' wait to wear them!
Torrid: This color is a purple with a hint of pink and some sparkle! LOVE it!

Foggy Hollow: This was the surprise shade for me, I LOVED it and I can tell this is a shade that I will wear often!!!!!! It's a beautiful greyish silver with sparkle.

Nemesis: This matte black has multicolored sparkles in it! It's sweet! 

Now for the blushes!

The Big "O": I love this blush color!!!!!! I can't wait to wear it! It's a sparkly peach shade and is beautiful!

Wild Thang: The wildly awesome pink color rocks my freakin' world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Uplifting: Is a beautiful sparkly green that i will be ordering with my next order which will be very soon!

I'm am very impressed with Pretty Addictions and possibly ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be doing some looks with these products soon and will post them!

Addicted Kisses,

Is that Chinchilla?!

Not my jacket but my lips are!

So my Lime Crime lipstick finally came! 

It came in this cool little purple box!

I LOVE the quote from the Lime Crime founder Doe Deere! It says "Beauty is not what's natural or even what looks best... It's what feels right at the moment!"

The lipstick comes in its own little purple box with a sparkly unicorn! And the tube itself is the same purple color with a sparkly unicorn as well.

The color itself is a greyish lavender shade that on me appears to be more lavender than grey. I was a little disappointed that the purple took over more than the grey but it's still a beautiful color. 

I hope that at some point Lime Crime comes out with a truly grey shade. They have some other amazing shades that I plan on trying soon!

Greyish lavender kisses!