June 26, 2011


As a young woman like any other young woman my age, I've always assumed that lipstick was meant for older women. The ones like my maternal grandma who won't leave the house without it and it happens to be blood red or like my Gram ( May she RIP) who wore an interesting shade of orange. I never understood this because I was concerned with how "poppin'" my lip gloss was like everyone else in my age bracket! Recently, I've dkiscovered my buried love for lipstick. Considering it's generally more long lasting then lip gloss and no where near as sticky! Plus the color pay off is AH-freakin-mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And since I have some pretty plump lips and a tanish skin tone, I can rock some pretty outrageous colors! I'm in the process of collecting shades that I love! I now have 6 shades which vary from a pale lavender to HOT pink! Sending you multi-colored kisses XOXO Chanel

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