September 08, 2011

Get cha' boat ready!

So this post isn't about makeup but about the insanity that's been happening where I live! It's been raining for almost a week now and there's flooding everywhere. 

This picture was taken a couple minutes from where I live. I ride past this 7eleven on my way to a friends house all the time! They've declared a state of emergency for the county and they've shut down highways and everything! :/ 

The saddest part is at the zoo at Hershey Park an exhibit flooded before they could get the animals out and they had to put down to Bison. :( 
Some people have even died.

So if anyone else is in South Central, Pa stay safe and dry!


  1. omg that's crazy! Stay safe


  2. Thanks Tania! I definitely will! We're very prepared! :)