September 04, 2011

I'm a Peach! Or at least my cheeks appear to be!

 I've spent all summer looking for an orangish peach shade of blush that was affordable, I finally found it! Hard Candy has blush called Fox in a Box! Love, love, LOVE the title by the way! So I picked up the Fox in a Box shade called Skinny Dipping. It has two shades that you can combine or use separately. I've used both colors together or used the peach as the blush and the tan shade to contour. This blush last about 6 hours but for the price of $6.00 at, it's worth the re-application. 

Below is a swatch of the two shades, the tan shade is on the left and the peach shade is on the right.
I love this and I wear it quite frequently!
XOXO Chanel


  1. I love peachy blushers, I heard the Benefit Cha cha tint has a really nice peachy colour that lasts for ages... nice blog


  2. Thanx! I LOVE the benefit tints!!!!! I use posie tint and I'm in love!!!! I followed you! Thanx for stopping by ;)

  3. I love this one I got it at walmart. and is very much like the Benefit ones!! great choice HUN!

    Love peach/pink blushes !

  4. Love peachy blushes!! This one looks great - thanks for sharing!!

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  5. Thanks so much Kat!!!! And thanks for following! I will definitely be following you VERY soon!