August 31, 2011

Like a kid at Christmas!!!! **Updated 9-4-11**

So I'm stoked about this new lipstick collection from Lime Crime! It's from her new Lip Noir collection debuting very soon! How soon?!?!?!?! Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very excited for a new shade called Chinchilla ( Here's the link ----> CHINCHILLA opaque grey lipstick - Lime Crime ), It's a super chic grey shade that I'm dying to own!!! Here's the promo pix from the Lime Crime site!

Also in the collection is a glamorous red, which is as old Hollywood as you can get and an awesome totally Halloween worthy opaque black shade!!! As for me I can't wait to pair the grey with a black smokey eye! :) 
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XOXO Chanel

**Update** So i definitely ordered this shade and it's on the way!!! *Does happy dance* I also ordered some things from Pretty Addictions can't wait for my packages to come! I will review the stuff shortly after it comes!
XOXO Chanel

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