September 09, 2011

Up & Up and Away

So like any girl I'm sometimes lazy or forgetful about washing off my makeup. I've found the cure for that. Up & Up Makeup Remover  Cleansing Towelettes, I usually find them in the travel isle at Target. 

Ten wipes comes in a pack, however I always rip them in half since they're so big. So I end up with 20 and since it's only a dollar per pack not a bad deal at all!

I took a picture of my hand with some makeup swatches on it and then I took a picture after removal. The eyeliner I removed was waterproof and still removes cleanly!


As you can see everything removed cleanly. These packs are small so they're great for travel, I always keep one in my purse and in my makeup kit. They definitely come in handy!


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