September 28, 2011

Clearance Makes My Wallet Smile! :)

On a recent trip to Target, yes I'm a target person hahaha! I'm not the biggest fan of Wal-mart! Back to my Target trip, I found some ELF products on clearance for 50% off! Yep, 50% off! Now ELF is already VERY wallet friendly, so imagine my surprise at wallet friendly cut in half!! So I picked up 2 things for $2.50 each! I was very, very pleased with both of my purchases for the price!

 I'll start with the ELF  Beauty Eye Manual Smoky Edition.This book, because it's styled to look like a notebook, has 12 shadows, a black eye liner pencil and a small double ended sponge applicator. It also has a notes section where you can record looks that you make!

Some of  the colors were duds, but about half of them were pigmented and applied easily!

This first row was the worst! The second shade was dry and awful to try to get any pigmentation for swatching! But the light grey on the end almost makes up for it, it's very pigmented!

The second row has great pigmentation and is easy to work with!

The third row was better than the first but still a little dry and patchy! But the black makes up for it, as it is a VERY pigmented, smooth, matte black!

The next is a small surprise but I'm very pleased with it! This is the Little Black Beautybook Volume 1! This little one has 48 shadows! 48 shadows for $2.50?!?!?!?!?! SCORE!!!!! This palette is mostly neutral but that's okay with me! It has a lot of nice light shades for highlighting or days when I don't feel edgy! 

The next 2 pictures are purely for size reference!

I did some random swatches because 48 shadows is a lot to swatch!

As you can see they're pigmented and shimmery, two things that make me smile! :)

Happy Wallet Kisses


  1. Wow you are so lucky!!! We never get good deals like that on make up and we don't get half the products you get! I am living in the wrong country haha!