September 28, 2011

Tryna' Make Me Go To Rehab, I Say No, No, No!

It's safe to say that I'm officially addicted to Pretty Addictions' products! I've been using the products just about every day and keep plotting on ordering more! I've spent more imaginary money on her site than I've spent in a while! (Imaginary money: When you look at websites and say I'm gonna buy that knowing you're broke! hahaha ) 

I present my most recent purchases! :)

Sidenote: The clamshell at the bottom did not come like that the little guy below that must've been mad at mommy decided to chew on Coral Reefer! :( Didn't make a very happy mommy!

Back to our scheduled program!

So I bought 2 5gram jars:
Uplifting (featured in the previous Pretty Addictions entry)

Clamshell Samples:
Coral Reefer
Brown Suga
Candy Corn
Hellow Yellow
Vintage Doll

Pretty Addictions started a new deal where if you order $15 worth that you get a 5gram jar for free.
That week it was Norma Jean.
I also have a 5gram jar of Silver Screen.
And because Kas is amazing I have a sample of her new red blush Moulin Rouge!!

Swatches!!!!!!! All of the eyeshadow swatches are over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk!

Moulin Rouge Blush

Norma Jean and True

Silver Screen (one of my favs) and Hellow Yellow

Irrational, Sober, and Vintage Doll

Seduction, Vivid, and Brown Suga
(Vivid is much more vivid in person)

Candy Corn (I love this color!), Hero, and Serendipity

Bubbly and Coral Reefer

These shadows are amazing and pigmented! They last all day over primer, even when I'm at work. I'm a waitress so I'm constantly moving! I get tons of compliments on my eyes when I wear my Pretty Addictions shadows! Kas the owner and creator of Pretty Addictions has amazing customer service and is speedy to take care of any issues! I will continue to order from her!

Addicted Kisses!

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